Shows 11/12 augustus
12.00 / 14.00 / 16.00
Closing Parade 16.30 uur

The Hollands Historisch Festijn will be officially opened by William of Orange, father of the fatherland, and alderman Bert van Alphen at 12:00 on Saturday 11 August, and with Marco van Baalen, director of the Historical Museum of The Hague, on Sunday 12 August. The national anthem of the Netherlands, the ‘Wilhelmus’ is based on the life of William of Orange and is the oldest national anthem in the world. The ‘De Graaf van Holland’ spectacle will commence immediately after the opening.

Count Dirk was the founder of the County of Holland. Count Floris V built the Ridderzaal, and Jacqueline van Beieren was the last Countess of Holland. Count Floris V will receive his noblemen and his troops who will demonstrate their sword fighting skills on horseback. But will all the noblemen be welcome? Or will there be trouble?

The celebratory Closing Parade featuring all the historic characters will be held at 16:30.

Renovations to the Binnenhof will start in 2020. These renovations will keep the Binnenhof our seat of government into the future. Check the timeline of the renovations on the Central Government Real Estate Agency’s website.

Programme, Map, Timeline & Ice-cream

Pick up an information folder from the Hofvijver or Paleistuin and collect the signatures of someone from the Middle Ages, a noble man or woman, and a queen. If you get all the signatures, you can get an extra scoop of ice-cream free from Moes the ice-cream man at the Binnenhof or from Gelaterie RIVA at Veenkade 5 near the Paleistuin (Palace Garden).