100 Years Voting Rights

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100 Years Voting Rights

14 September 2019 om 13:30 - 14:30

In 2019 We celebrate 100 years of electoral law. In 1917 all men were entitled to electoral rights. Two years later in 1919, all women also had electoral rights. Universal Suffrage was a fact. This year exactly 100 years ago in The Netherlands.
Our Democratic Challenge is to have (at least) 100 women at the Grondwetbank (English: Constitution Monument) under the direction of Aletta Jacobs 100 years of electoral law to be eternated on photo and film. This will take place between approx. 14.15 and 14.45 hours and is organized together with Stichting Podium Juliana and Prinsjesfestival.

The historical photo opportunity is also part of the Hague Hat Stroll, the hatwalk of the Prinsjesfestival, where you will pass unique points around the Binnenhof. Are you walking along? Then enter via the link of Hat Stroll Prinsjes Festival! The Hat Stroll starts at 13.30 am on the Plein (the square behind the Binnenhof) and ends at the square where at 15.00 o’clock the Prince Hatwalk begins: The presentation of the Hat design competition.

Are you coming straight to the Grondwetbank (Constitution Monument) for the historical photo moment? Then sign up via the contact form of the Dutch Historical Festival. Collect at 14.00 pm. Location: Next to Binnenhof, Hofplaats, near to the House of Representatives

Dress code? Take care of a nice hat/headwear!

Tip: Sign up for free for the Prinsjesfilm in Pathé Buitenhof organized by the Prinsjesfestival on Sunday 15 September from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Die Göttliche Ordnung. In Switzerland, women had to wait until 1971 for them to be entitled to vote.

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