The Historical Museum of The Hague is a partner from the start of the Dutch historical festival in 2016, then still a historical festival. The festival is renamed because it is not only the history of The Hague, but the history of the Binnenhof Den Haag as the governmental centre of the Netherlands. This also applies to the museum. It offers an excellent view of the history of The Hague which forms the basis of the present Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On 16 May the museum officially joined the National Canon network with the murder of the brothers De Witt. It is also known as the first ‘ political ‘ murder in Dutch history: the murder of Johan de Witt and his brother Cornelis at the prison gate in The Hague. In 1672, they were murdered by supporters of the stadtholder, after which their bodies were mutilated in a horrific manner. This ‘ political ‘ murder and the remains, tongue and finger, are inseparable from the Canon window ‘ the Republic ‘.

On Saturday 14 September  The Historical Museum of The Hage and The Prison Gate Museum are open to the public for public purposes in the context of a free Monumentday. You can also see the exhibition about the Golden Age.