Medieval Encampment 11/12 augustus
11.00 – 16.30

Meet Count Dirk, the founder of the County of Holland, Count Floris V who had the Ridderzaal built, his son Jan, and Jacqueline van Beieren, the last Countess of Holland. The Compagnie van Brederode and the Mercenaries, who the Count used to make sure he could exercise power, will also be there. They will demonstrate their weapons and tell you everything about what it was like to live in an encampment.

Life was uncertain if you were rich and powerful. There is an attempt to kidnap Count Floris V that ends in death. And talking about suspicious deaths, what did his son, little Jan, die of?

Programme, Map, Timeline & Ice-cream

Pick up an information folder from the Hofvijver or Paleistuin and collect the signatures of someone from the Middle Ages, a noble man or woman, and a queen.

If you get all the signatures, you can get an extra scoop of ice-cream free from Moes the ice-cream man at the Binnenhof or from Gelaterie RIVA at Veenkade 5 near the Paleistuin.

Stories, music and food! Don’t miss it.
Experience the Middle Ages at the Hofvijver!


Lady Jolande de Lalaing lived at the Binnenhof between the ages of 18 and 23 as her father was appointed the Stadhouder of Holland and Zeeland. When Jolande was 23, she married Lord Reinoud II van Brederode and moved to his castle, Castle Batenstein in Vianen. Jolande had two sons. Her first born, Walraven, become the 10thLord of Brederode. Her younger son, François, was a Captain during the Hook and Cod Wars and took Rotterdam with his Compagnie van Brederode. He razed the area around Rotterdam, thus allowing the city to grow into an international port. François van Brederode became the Hero of Rotterdam.