The Hollands Historisch Festijn is the initiative of Stichting HISTORIE-KS.
The coordinators are Rob Kortekaas and Angelique Schipper.

Hollands Historisch Festijn
The first Hollands Historisch Festijn was held in 2016 and was called the Haags Historisch Festijn. The name was changed because it is about the history of Holland and the Netherlands and not only The Hague.

Nowhere in the Netherlands is the Dutch history so apparent as on the streets around the Binnenhof in The Hague. It is one huge history book whose pages we want to present as a coherent story to people of all ages.

Part of the story is the transfer of power from the nobility to the people. This is seen in the history of the Counts of Holland, the battle for the County, the Stadhouders, Napoleon Bonapart, the Monarchy, World War II and the current Government.

The Netherlands was shaped into the country that it is now from the seat of government at the Binnenhof in The Hague. For eight centuries, the Binnenhof has been the centre of power. This makes it one of the oldest seats of government in the world that is still in use!

Our experience and love of re-enactment and historical theatre brings history to life among the centuries old archaeology of the buildings, streets and monuments. We hope to show more and more history with our partners in the years to come. The nobility used to hold power, now it is the people that hold power. Democracy, on which the society in the Netherlands is built, is an important achievement.


The Hollands Historisch Festijn collaborates with partners in The Hague who help bring our rich history to life. Our partners include museums, guided tours, guided canal boat rides and walking tours. Special thanks go to Haags Historisch Museum, the Historical Museumof The Hague and its director Marco van Baalen who shares our belief in the power of living history and to Stichting Haagse Dingen and its Dennis Simonis, who worked with us to make a video of the event and share it with a wide public. Our thanks also go to everyone who helped us make our dream of our Fatherland’s History a reality at significant historic locations, and in particular, the Binnenhof. We recognise the efforts of many people who crept into the skin of the characters or who support these characters in other ways. Thank you. Together, anything is possible!

Do you believe that learning and sharing the history of the Netherlands are important for our society? Then become a donor of the Hollands Historisch Festijn. From € 50 a year, you will be a very honoured guest at the HollandsHistorisch Festijn and will enjoy a personal guided tour.


The 2018 Hollands Historisch Festijn was made possible by:

The Province of South Holland

The Municipality of The Hague

Fonds 1818

The Gravin van Bylandt Foundation

With special thanks to Bureau Grafelijke Zalen en Johan de Witthuis van Rijksvastgoedbedrijf for the special still life in the Ridderzaal.

In 2017 the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science commissioned the ‘100 jaar Pacificatie’ (100 years of pacification) part of the Hollands Historisch Festijn. The Pacificatie put an end to the Schoolstrijd(school struggle) by agreeing to suffrage for men, leading the way to the solving of two recurring issues in 1917. The predecessor to general suffrage in 2019.

Thanks to all cooperating organizations

123hekken, Ambassade van Den Haag, ASA Beveiliging, BIZ Hofkwartier, Buitenmuseum Den Haag, Compagnie van Brederode, Crystal Clear Translations, Den Haag’s Barokorkest New Dutch Academy, Fronti Nulla Fides, Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Vlaardingen, Gelaterie Riva, Gilde Den Haag, Haag Events, Haags Historisch Museum, Huis van Hilde, Huurlingen, Huygensfestival, Huygens’ Hofwijck, Juni Lekkernijen, Museum Bredius, Museum de Gevangenpoort, Multicopy Den Haag, Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum, Ooievaart, ProDemos, Projectkoor Albert Jan van der Neut, PS Publiciteitsservice & Kabinet Buitenreclame, Ruïne van Brederode, Stalhouderij Hanemaaijer (Gouden Koetsjes), ’s-Gravenhaagsche Stadsrijschool, Touristtram, Vrienden van De Witt, Willemsvaart, Worksprisma en IJscoman Moes.