Paleistuin-EN Palace Garden

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MEET THE 8 QUEENS on 11 and 12 August
11.00 tot 16.00 uur

Arrival by coach
Welcome the queens with the song ‘Oranje boven’ (orange on top)

Queens picnic
Bring something to eat and join the picnic!

Princess of the Day elections
Put on your best princess clothes!

Programme, Map, Timeline & Ice-cream

Pick up an information folder from the Hofvijver or Paleistuin and collect the signatures of someone from the Middle Ages, a noble man or woman, and a queen.

If you get all the signatures, you can get an extra scoop of ice-cream free from Moes the ice-cream man at the Binnenhof or from Gelaterie RIVA at Veenkade 5 near the Paleistuin.

Come and welcome the queens. The eight queens dating back 200 years will arrive in the carriage at 11:00. They include Queen Wilhelmina of Prussia and the current day queen, Queen Máxima. They can tell you all about what it’s like to live with their husbands in palaces, other queens, princes and princesses and what they have done for the Netherlands. If you want to have a picnic with the queens at 12:00, bring some food and drinks and join in. The Princess of the Day elections for children aged up to 13 years will be held at 15:00.


The Netherlands has been a monarchy since 1815, and there have been eight queens since then. The queens love talking about their lives and what they have done for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

  • Queen Wilhelmina of Prussia married King William I
  • Queen Anna Paulowna married King William II
  • Queen Sophie married King William III
  • Queen Emma married King William III
  • Queen Wilhelmina married Prince Hendrik
  • Queen Juliana married Prince Bernhard
  • Queen Beatrix married Prince Claus
  • Queen Máxima married King Willem-Alexander